Skincare is the care of the skin which is the largest organ of the body. Keeping your skin healthy not only improves its appearance but also is necessary for the proper functioning of your skin. Skin care restores your skin’s natural softness and elasticity reducing the appearance of age spots. Skinlife uses healing botanicals, plant extracts and herbal preparations based on olive oil that provides the natural antioxidant complex that skin requires. Scientific searches have shown that olive oil:

  1. Contains antioxidant ingredients, such as polyphenols, vitamin E, vitamin A, D3 and K, which provide skin cell’s elements with an effective protection against oxidation damages.
  2. Contains the necessary fatty acids, like vitamin F, key ingredients to the composition of the skin’s layers.
  3. Offers a good protection against free radicals and helps to prevent cell ageing process.

Another basic ingredient that Skinlife uses to its products is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is moisturising and cooling for the skin, penetrating into its deepest layers. It offers a perfect treatment for wounds, burns and other skin disorders, providing a protective layer over the suffering area, reducing the time of healing and the risk of infection. It naturally balances the immune system and helps skin to defend itself. Aloe Vera products promote cleansing, moisturizing, skin cell restoration, antibiotic protection and healing.

Natural blends of vitamins extracted from herbs and plants help defend and nourish your skin, shield from the daily sun exposure that triggers cell damage and visible aging. Natural ingredients added to Skinlife skincare products offer rejuvenation forming a protective film that keep skin’s internal moisture without preventing it from breathing.